London, Ontario, 26 December 2021– At a time when owners and players are at full voice during the baseball strike, leaving the fans, the sport’s other essential partners seemingly forgotten, a sparkling new baseball novel, SWITCH PITCHER, is giving fans a new lease on life.

It’s the entertaining tale of how a totally ambidextrous pitcher, who also happens to be gifted with four-times-better-than-normal eyesight, enters the Bigs as a relief pitcher with the New York Americans and the batters can’t hit him.

In a word, because he’s on and he’s gone, he turns baseball upside down, while trying to survive threats to his life, in a plot that has more turns and twists than a bag of ballpark pretzels.

Looming large in the background, is team owner, Georgina Sternwheeler. In addition to having to deal with the other resentful owners, who accuse her of sabotaging the game, she’s also catching an earful from the Commissioner, who thinks a rule change might be in order.

All the while, the sports media, including the New York Times and TVs prime Sunday night public affairs program, 60 Moments, are having a field day, as they nurse a boiling cauldron of fan reaction, which soon takes on a dangerous tone. And that’s even before Carter takes his first batting practice where, with his incredible 20/5 vision, he embarrasses the hitting coach by casually creaming everything over the fence.

The only group enjoying the turmoil? Of course, the New York Americans’ owner, managers, players and fans, who can’t believe they’re now heading to the post season after earlier being 15 games out of first place.

In the end, this sports thriller leaves the reader anxious to turn the page and learn how this unforgettable season will conclude.

The book is available at Readers interested in downloading the first 50 pages, at no cost, can do so at the author’s website:

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